Newsletter January 2015

Preserving archeological sites by Terrestrial Laser Scanner surveys

On November 2014, NHAZCA was involved by the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia and by ISPRA (Italian Institute For Environmental Protection And Researching) in the investigation activities for the preservation of the Vardzia archeological site (Georgia). Built in XII century, the cave Monastery of Vardzia was affected by slope instability processes due to rockfalls and rock toppling. The Terrestrial Laser Scanner survey has been performed in order to provide a detailed 3D real color digital model of the slope for the geo-structural characterization of the rock mass and to support the design of risk mitigation solutions.

Courses registration deadlines

The Course "Satellite SAR Interferometry for Geologists and Engineers" is approaching! On 30th January 2015, at "Sapienza" University of Rome (Italy), national and international expert lecturers will provide an overview about the opportunities offered by Satellite SAR Interferometry to geologists and engineers. The registration deadline has been postponed to 25th January 2015. Few seats are still available, don´t miss this opportunity!

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Don't forget that the Early Registration deadline for the Second International Course on Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring will expire on 31th January 2015. Hurry to ensure a seat at a reduced price!

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Focus on

A-DInSAR for landslides analysis

A new paper focused on the application of A-DInSAR techniques for the characterization of the state of activity of landslides at basin scale has been recently presented at the IAEG XII Congress in Turin (Italy). Advanced Differential Satellite Interferometric analyses have been performed in an area in Central Italy largely affected by instability problems, in order to provide information about historical ground deformations for the characterization of the present and past dynamic evolution of the slopes.


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