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Risk Assessment
Geotechnical Monitoring
Structural Health Monitoring
Early Warning Systems
Geological Design
Engineering Design


Satellite Interferometry
Terrestrial Interferometry
Laser Scanner
IR Thermography
Numerical Modeling
Digital Image Correlation

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Cable stayed bridge

Static and dynamic monitoring by Terrestrial Interferometry.

Ponte strallato

Road embankment

Continuous monitoring of a road embankment by Terrestrial Interferometry for public safety purposes.

Rilevato stradale

M.Pucci cliff (FG, Italy)

Monitoring and geostructural analysis by Terrestrial Interferometry, Laser Scanner and IR Thermography.

Falesia di M.Pucci (Vico del Gargano, FG)


Static and dynamic monitoring of a skyscraper by Terrestrial Interferometry.

Edificio multipiano

Ostiense Bridge (Rome)

Static and dynamic characterization of a bridge by Terrestrial Interferometry.

Cavalca ferrovia Ostiense (Roma)

Ponte della Musica (Rome)

Static and dynamic characterization of a pedestrian bridge by Terrestrial Interferometry.

Ponte della Musica (Roma)

Ligosullo (UD)

Periodical monitoring of a landslide by Terrestrial Interferometry, Satellite Interferometry, Laser Scanner and topographic surveys.

Ligosullo (UD)

Monte Mario (Rome)

Laser Scanner survey of the Monte Mario landslide for the support to risk mitigation projects. (ENG)

Monte Mario (Roma)

Poggio Baldi landslide

Experimental monitoring site of the Poggio Baldi landslide (Italy)

Frana di Poggio Baldi

Vardzia (Georgia)

High resolution 3D modeling of a slope by Terrestrial Laser Scanner surveys

Vardzia (Georgia)

Ridracoli's Arch-gravity dam

The Ridracoli dam (Santa Sofia, FC) - Field Trip of the Third International Course on Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring.

Diga ad arco di Ridracoli

Terrestrial Laser Scanner survey

Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS) survey of a highway viaduct.

Rilievo Laser Scanner Terrestre (TLS)