Structural Health Monitoring

The dynamic and static diagnosis of structures and infrastructures plays a fundamental role in the civil engineering field. The advanced solutions for the structural diagnostics offered by NHAZCA S.r.l. allow quick reconnaissance to be performed both in testing steps and for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM). Furthermore, remote sensing techniques and ad-hoc intervention protocols allow to simultaneously collect information on a large number of points of the investigated structures without additional installations and onerous preliminary designs. In what follows, a short description of the main technologies used by NHAZCA for SHM services (Satellite SAR Interferometry, Terrestrial RADAR Interferometry, Terrestrial Laser Scanner and Digital Image Correlation) is reported.

Thanks to its perspective from space, Satellite SAR Interferometry allows to simultaneously analize several structures (i.e. entire cities, road networks etc..) distributed on the territory, providing displacement rates and time series with millimetric precision. One of the main potentiality of this technology is the historical analisys, since 1992.


Terrestrial RADAR Interferometry allows to characterize the deformation behavior of entire structures/infrastructures (i.e. bridges, dams, roads and viaducts) with sub-millimetric accuracy and high sampling rates (in the order of some hundred Hz). The high accuracy and quick installation systems make this technique suitable for civil engineering applications both for the preliminary testing and for the periodical SHM.


Terrestrial Laser Scanner, integrated with high resolution digital cameras, allows to generate high resolution 3D real-color models suitable for diagnostics of structures and infrastructures in testing phase.


Digital Image Correlation (DIC) is a quick, low-cost, non-invasive technology for the diagnosis of the deformation behavior of structures in testing phase.

Main projects

Bridge testing using remote sensing technologies
Structural health monitoring of an iron bridge
Remote deformational behavior analysis of a railway bridge 
Continuous monitoring of “Basilica of Maxentius” (Rome, Italy) 
Deformational behavior analysis of a dam 
Analysis of historical deformations of an earth dam



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