A new scientific paper dedicated to the Ligosullo (UD) landslide



A scientific paper dedicated to the Ligosullo (UD) landslide was recently published on "Engineering Geology for Society and Territory – Volume 5". Studies carried out in the last 15 years allowed to define the geological model of the slope affected by the landslide, identifying the main sliding surface and estimating rates and trends of displacement.

A new phase of studies including geological and geomechanical surveys and monitoring activities has been recently undertaken by NHAZCA Srl, in collaboration with the Department of Geosciences of the University of Padua. The aim of the activity is to refine the geological model and to evaluate the present and historical dynamic evolution of the landslide.


Gandolfo L., Brunetti A., Bozzano F., Bratus A., Busnardo E., Floris M., Genevois R., Mazzanti P., Saporito F., 2015. The Ligosullo (UD, Italy) Landslide, Revisiting of Past Data and Prospects from Monitoring Activities. G. Lollino et al. (eds.), Engineering Geology for Society and Territory, Volume 5, Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, 171-175.