Early Warning Systems

The interaction between human activities and natural hazards can induce dangerous risk conditions. The costs for the mitigations actions (both in monetary, political and strategic terms) are often so onerous that the competent authorities cannot do anything but accept the risk.

The skills, the know-how and the remote sensing techniques offered by NHAZCA, can really provide an innovative and revolutionary approach to such problems.

By customizable solutions, suitable for any kind of incipient instability process and fully remotely manageable, NHAZCA provides real-time early warning services thus allowing public safety even in very hazardous situations. 

Main projects

Continuous Monitoring of a strategic transportation asset
Early Warning Monitoring of a major infrastructure using Terrestrial SAR Interferometry
Continuous monitoring of the Pontecorvo (FR, Italy) landslide 
Continuous control of a road embankment stability 


QUIB, QUick Installation Basement