NHAZCA at the 88th Congress of the Italian Geological Society.


NHAZCA is supporting the session P26 titled “Remote sensing for the Geosciences and the Environment” in the frame of the 88th Congress of the Italian Geological Society that will be held in Naples from 7th to 9th September 2016.

Here a short description of the session scheduled on Thursday September 8, 2016 (08.30-11.00):

"In the last decades, behind the push of the technological progress and thanks to the diffusion of the informatics and web-based instruments, remote sensing has found a well-defined role for multiple applications in the Earth and Planetary Sciences. From a tool supporting cartographic products, remote sensing has been changed into an operative instrument, aimed to the analysis and the quantitative measurement of several processes.

Spaceborne remote sensing systems confirm their approval as shown by many missions currently in activity (optical, multispectral, SAR, etc.), nevertheless the airborne applications reveal a renovated interest in the scientific community thanks to the diffusion. Also the ground-based methodologies (e.g. Total station, terrestrial laser scanning, terrestrial SAR interferometry, IR thermography, etc.) are in a great diffusion phase, as proved by the increasing number of scientific papers based on such applications. In this regard, the conveners strongly encourage the submission of works, researches and case histories where remote sensing played a key-role for the comprehension of the geological, geomorphological, geophysical or geotechnical processes."

For more information: www.sginapoli2016.it/session26