VALANCA: numerical modelling for simulating snow-avalanches


Numerical modelling is a major challenge in the prevention of hazards related to the occurrence of catastrophic phenomena. VALANCA is a first version of a Cellular Automata model, developed for the simulations of dense snow avalanches. This model has been set up for modelling large scale (extended for kilometres) dangerous surface flows of different nature such as lava flows, pyroclastic flows, debris flows, rock avalanches, etc. In this paper (Avolio et al., 2017) the authors describe the model and the preliminary simulations of some snow-avalanches occurred in the Davos region, Switzerland.


Avolio M.V., Errera A., Lupiano V., Mazzanti P. & Di Gregorio S., 2017. VALANCA: A Cellular Automata Model for Simulating Snow Avalanches. Journal of Cellular Automata, Vol. 12, pp. 309–332.