Risk assessment

Life in our planet is a wonderful experience but at the same time dangerous for the natural risks caused by human activities. A sustainable and safe life on our planet needs a precise evaluation and a quantification of the hazards which we are exposed to, necessary for the risk mitigation.

NHAZCA, thanks to its high level expertise, is your reliable partner for the analysis of natural hazards (landslide, flooding, volcanos, glaciers etc.) and of risks related to large structures and infrastructures (dams, viaducts, highways etc.)

By Innovative technologies and pluriannual expertise, NHAZCA can make our planet more livable and sure. 

Main projects

Continuous monitoring of the Pontecorvo landslide (FR, Italy)  
Continuous control of a road embankment stability 
Geostructural characterization of the Sugano rock slope (TR, Italy)
Rock fall susceptibility analysis of the M. Pucci coastal cliff (Vico del Gargano, Italy)


Landslide forecasting models




Martino S. e Mazzanti P., 2014. Integrating geomechanical surveys and remote sensing for sea cliff slope stability analysis: the Mt. Pucci case study (Italy) Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., Vol. 14, pp. 831–848, DOI: 10.5194/nhess-14-831-2014.