NHAZCA at the IAEG XII Congress – Turin 2014



During the IAEG XII CONGRESS, Francesca Bozzano and Paolo Mazzanti of NHAZCA, will chair the session entitled “Analysis and control of ground deformations by remote monitoring” on the 16th September in Atene Room. Furthermore, in the same session, Paolo Mazzanti will give a lecture entitled "Terrestrial SAR Interferometry monitoring of natural slopes and man-made structures" explaining the state of art of monitoring with Terrestrial SAR Interferometry.

In the poster session you will be able to know some recent works performed by NHAZCA: 

-          Advanced characterization of a landslide-prone area by satellite A-DInSAR (Panel 131);

-          The Ligosullo (UD, Italy) landslide, revisiting of past data and prospects from monitoring activities (Panel 130);

-          Analysis of a subsidence process by integrating geological and hydrogeological modelling with satellite InSAR data (Panel 128).