A new paper on ISHMII



A recent work performed by NHAZCA about the integration of contact and remote sensing techniques for Structural Health Monitoring has been published in the June 2014 edition of “The Monitor”, e-magazine for ISHMII members and the engineering community. The study, performed with ENEA, allowed to perform the fast dynamic characterization of “Ponte della Musica”, a pedestrian bridge crossing the Tiber River in Rome. By using a combination of interferometric radar system IBIS-S and the SARA SS220 triaxial velocity sensor, the main resonance frequencies in the three spatial directions were identified, demonstrating the efficacy for quick dynamic inspections.  


Mazzanti P., Brunetti A., Buffarini G., Bongiovanni G., 2014. Integrating Contact and Remote Sensing Techniques For Quick Recognition of Bridge Dynamic Behaviour. The ISHMII Monitor, June 2014, Vol. 9, pp. 17-19.