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Surveying a rock slope by Terrestrial Laser Scanner & UAV

Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS) and UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) surveys for the rock fall hazard and risk assessment were recently performed by NHAZCA in the frame of a project with the Italian National Research Council (CNR - Institute for Technologies applied to Cultural Heritage), aimed at the valorisation of the ancient Appia Antica road.

The TLS surveys allowed the reconstruction of a 722 million high resolution points cloud, aimed at the rock mass characterization and the volumetric estimation of rock blocks, while UAV surveys was performed in order to achieve different views of the rock scarp.

One of the six different scan positions.

Point Cloud of the slope according to the reflection of the signal (a) and in real RGB colour (b).

UAV surveys allowed the inspection of remote portions of the slope. The investigations were done in time-lapse mode, with a sampling period of 1 image per second. The monitor telemetry control connected to the trasmitter, made possible to maintain a constant height of flight. For the full coverage of the slope, we collected 4800 photograms, during 9 different flights.

Images collected during the UAV survey.

Remote Sensing Monitoring of Large Dams by A-DInSAR & TInSAR

Dam failures are rare (ICOLD estimated that the overall failure rate of dams is less than 1%), but may cause a massive impact on both the population and the environment.

Remote Sensing monitoring technologies are effective tools for dams and reservoir surveillance and control. At this regard, both Satellite and Terrestrial SAR Interferometry can be effective solutions for the Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) of dams, the reservoir catchment management and for risk management and risk-informed decision-making.

Come to visit us at our booth during the 85th ICOLD Annual Meeting in Prague to meet our staff and to know more about the most innovative remote sensing monitoring solutions for dam related applications, such as: Terrestrial SAR Interferometry, Satellite SAR Interferometry, Photomonitoring and Terrestrial Laser Scanner survey.

A special Thanks to our partners of the 4th International Course on Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring!

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