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Continuous monitoring by TInSAR for a safe Transportation Asset

Since May 2016, NHAZCA is involved in a new challenging project: real time monitoring of a great landslide that affects a highway in Southern Italy.

Thanks to 2 Terrestrial SAR Interferometers (TInSAR) and a network of passive corner reflectors, NHAZCA is performing a continuous monitoring (24/7) of the slope and the infrastructures, collecting millimetric displacement measurements.

Thanks to this unique solution for real time monitoring, combined with Laser Scanner surveys, NHAZCA can effectively contribute to the safety of this strategic transportation asset in Italy.

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Poggio Baldi Landslide Investigation and Control

Poggio Baldi Landslide is one of the biggest complex landslide in Central Italy. The first documented activation dates back to 1914.
In the 19th of March 2010, the landslide was characterized by a new important activation, mobilizing a volume of about 4 millions m3, damaging several buildings along the slope and damming the Bidente River.

Since 2015, NHAZCA is developing a field test, making Poggio Baldi Landslide an international reference experimental landslide monitoring site, that will be officially presented for the first time at the coming 4th World Landslide Forum in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

- By using UAVs Photogrammetry data and specific protocols for data analysis, NHAZCA assessed in detail the rock mass setting.

- Terrestrial Laser Scanner surveys, combined with UAVs Photogrammetry data, allowed NHAZCA to achieve multi-temporal accurate 3D models of the slope, thus estimating the annual slope evolution rate.

...keeping always under control!

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