Living Lab Open Micro-Innovation Award ‘Satellite Data and Drones for Environmental Monitoring’

HAZCA was awarded with the First Prize in the Living Lab Open Micro-Innovation Challenge “Satellite Data and Drones for Environmental Monitoring”. The initiative was promoted by Lazio Innova and Regione Lazio in the framework of the Active Space Network Enhancement (POR FESR) and with the collaboration of ARPA LazioD-Flight S.p.A, the University of Rome Tor Vergata and Telespazio.

The pilot project proposed by NHAZCA, in response to Living Lab requirements, concerned the integrated use of satellite data and multi-temporal drone surveys to monitor the evolution of mining activities at the Coreno Ausonio (FR, Italy) open-pit site, based on authorised quantities and environmental protection requirements.

The results of the project were presented during the Demo Day, at the Arpa Lazio headquarters, with the presence of the main institutions involved and interested in the initiative.

The received Award demonstrates the effectiveness and reliability of the remote sensing solutions proposed by NHAZCA for land planning, management and monitoring, even in very complex environments such as quarries and mines.