Geotechnical and structural monitoring as part of the completion of a road section

Client: Donati S.p.A. - N.V. BESIX S.a. (joint venture)
Period: December 2020 – in progress
Location: Umbria, Italy
Technologies: Terrestrial SAR Interferometry, Satellite SAR Interferometry, Photomonitoring, Contact measurements


As part of the completion of a road section of about 3 km, which involves the excavation of 2 tunnels and the construction of 2 viaducts, continuous geotechnical and structural monitoring is necessary to control slopes and works to be built.


NHAZCA Srl is dealing with the supply, installation, and management of all the instrumentation required by the project. In detail, NHAZCA is responsible, in close contact with the design team and the company, for i) the monitoring design, ii) the supply of the sensors on time during the various phases of the work progress, iii) the installation by specialized technicians, iv) the regular maintenance of the installed instrumentation and data transfer, v) the preparation of installation and monitoring reports, vi) the data management, vii) the management of the web platform for data distribution, viii) the control and interpretation of data. In addition to the planned instrumentation, in recent months NHAZCA has deployed innovative monitoring tools to control unexpected phenomena in critical situations.


The activities already planned in the project phase have been integrated with a series of innovative and improving solutions to increase the level of control and safety through a knowledge, control and emergency monitoring able to provide information on the evolution of slopes affected by the works under contract as well as on possible interferences with the area and existing works.