The solutions of NHAZCA integrate research, high technology and full reliability. The know-how and important experience gained on projects related to the protection of land, assets, infrastructure and especially people, make NHAZCA a competent company able to work for the identification of the best strategic and technological solutions in the field of risk analysis and monitoring.

NHAZCA offers specialized consultancy and services aimed at the assessment and mitigation of natural risks (e.g. hydrogeological risk, volcanic risk, seismic risk, avalanches and glaciers), land use planning, design and construction of major engineering projects and strategic assets (e.g. viaducts, roads/motorways, tunnels, dams) and related to the safety of citizens and the collective architectural and cultural heritage.

NHAZCA has always been distinguished by its ability to put the greatest technological innovations at the service of asset management. NHAZCA has contributed to revolutionize the world of geotechnical and structural monitoring by making technologies such as SAR Interferometry and PhotoMonitoring available and of daily use.

Furthermore, over the past 12 years, NHAZCA has successfully used the following technologies to support the most complex engineering challenges:

  • SAR Interferometry
  • Long-range Laser Scanner
  • UAVs equipped with high tech cameras
  • Infrared thermography

  • PhotoMonitoring
  • Multispectral sensors
  • Global Navigation Satellite System
  • Gigapixel Photogrammetry

Satellite SAR Interferometry

Terrestrial SAR Interferometry



Innovating means constantly evolving to be ready for future challenges. Since its foundation, NHAZCA has been focused on creating an increasingly indissoluble union between business and new technologies.

Following this approach, NHAZCA has dedicated a team to Research and Development, programming, design, engineering, prototyping of new Hardware and Software. The team is involved in several research projects, including international ones.

Thanks to this philosophy, NHAZCA has always been distinguished, at both national and international level, for its highly innovative approach and pioneering attitude.


NHAZCA promotes, also in collaboration with professional organizations and associations in Italy and abroad, highly professional training courses, focused on geotechnical and structural monitoring, remote sensing applications and support to land use planning and design.

The courses, designed to provide skills and updates in line with continuous technological and cultural developments, have already seen the participation in the last 10 years of more than 700 professionals from over 50 countries with the involvement of over 60 companies.

In recent years the training offer has been characterized by the organization of the International Course on Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring (ICGSM): a technical and business exchange meeting for the professional, academic and industrial world of geotechnical and structural monitoring, with the participation of leading international experts.