Integrated monitoring system for Oil&Gas activities

Client: Aleanna Resources LLC
Period: November 2017 - ongoing
Location: Emilia Romagna Region (Italy)
Technologies: GNSS and Satellite SAR Interferometry


Ensure a continuous monitoring of the area above a future gas production site, for environmental purposes.


A combined approach was implemented, including a GNSS system installed in proximity of a future gas production well site and an ADInSAR (Advanced Satellite SAR Interferometry) historical analysis, to ensure the characterization of the area in terms of subsidence and allow a continuous monitoring of the area in preparation of the production phase and possible subsidence induced effects at surface. In addition, the installation of other GNSS systems and of a set of corner reflectors is planned over the area in the near future, during the phase 2 of the work. 


The whole area of about 90 km2 has been carefully characterized, identifying ongoing phenomena and seasonal small-scale deformation at surface. At the same time, a satellite-based monitoring has been set up and will allow to enter safely into the production phase, as soon as this will start, in accordance with environmental laws and requirements.