Regional seismic microzonation studies

Client: Civil Protection Department of Sicily
Period: June 2019 - Ongoing
Location: Sicily (Italy)
Technologies: Technical-scientific consultancy


In the framework of the Regional Seismic Microzonation Plan, support, technical-scientific coordination, and validation at regional level of seismic microzonation studies of level 1 (MS1), level 3 (MS3) and the Limit Condition for Emergency (CLE) is required.


The project activities concern the technical-scientific support for the evaluation and validation of microzonation studies such as: i) the overall evaluation, conformity and archiving standards of documents and products, ii) the verification of conformity of MS1, MS3 and CLE studies prior to their submission to the National Technical Commission. In addition, technical and scientific support is provided during the planning and implementation of MS3 studies such as: i) the selection of municipal areas to be investigated, ii) the survey and analysis of geological data to local 1D and/or 2D seismic response analysis, iii) the support for the preparation of the cartographic products.