Seismic microzonation surveys and studies at local level

Client: Municipality of Calenzano
Period: October 2017 - March 2018
Location: Calenzano, Italy
Technologies: Specialist consultancy


Following previous studies of Seismic Microzonation at municipal scale, it is necessary to deepen the seismic knowledge level of a particular area that is urbanized, hosting a strategic road infrastructure.


In the framework of the project, a methodological-operational plan was proposed with the following activities: i) interviews with residents, ii) review of existing maps, iii) study of existing geological, geotechnical and geophysical surveys, iv) execution of new geophysical surveys, v) analysis of landslide processes by means of satellite remote sensing techniques, as well as vi) supervision and coordination in cartography and technical report drafting.


The activities carried out allowed to acquire data and information necessary for a detailed seismic microzonation study. Thanks to the integration of multidisciplinary techniques (geophysics and remote sensing), combined with field surveys and literature search, it was possible to provide a product, optimized according to the geological and geomorphological features of the site, functional for urban planning.