NHAZCA and research dissemination: EGU 2022 and Living Planet Symposium 2022

In the constant activity of disseminating and promoting scientific research, in the last week of May, NHAZCA will be present in various forms at two important conferences in the field of Earth observation. We are talking about the European Geosciences Union (EGU) and Living Planet Symposium conferences.

The EGU General Assembly 2022, which will take place in Vienna from 23 to 27 May, will be an opportunity for geoscientists from all over the world to present and discuss their work with experts in all areas of geoscience.

At this event, three abstracts will be presented with some members of the NHAZCA team among the authors:

  • The importance of InSAR data post-processing for the interpretation of geomorphological processes.
    • Marta Zocchi, Benedetta Antonielli, Roberta Marini, Claudia Masciulli, Gianmarco Pantozzi, Francesco Troiani, Paolo Mazzanti, and Gabriele Scarascia Mugnozza.
    • (Thu, 26 May, 11:29-11:36 Room 1.31/32)
  • Data requirements and scientific efforts for reliable large-scale assessment of landslide hazard in urban areas.
    • Giandomenico Mastrantoni, Patrizia Caprari, Carlo Esposito, Gian Marco Marmoni, Paolo Mazzanti, and Francesca Bozzano
    • (Tue, 24 May, 09:13-09:20 Room 1.61/62)
  • Performance testing of optical flow time series analyses based on a fast, high-alpine landslide.
    • Doris Hermle, Michele Gaeta, Michael Krautblatter, Paolo Mazzanti, and Markus Keuschnig
    • (Fri, 27 May, 13:20-13:26 Room 1.31/32)

Organised by ESA from 23-27 May 2022 in Bonn, Germany, the Living Planet Symposium will see several scientists present their latest findings on the Earth’s environment and climate using satellite data, but will also focus on the role of Earth observation.

As part of this event, on Thursday 26 May at 1.30 p.m., there will be a presentation entitled ‘IRIS on the Charter Mapper: Cloud-based change detection to support disaster response’, by members of the NHAZCA team: Antonio Cosentino, Michele Gaeta, Alessandro Brunetti and Paolo Mazzanti. Furthermore, on Thursday 26th at 5pm, the same authors will present a poster entitled ‘Geohazards Assessment by PhotoMonitoring: IRIS a new powerful tool for image analysis’.

Finally, the event in Bonn will feature NHAZCA CEO Paolo Mazzanti as chairman for session D1.02.1 Satellite EO for Monitoring Infrastructures, which will focus on ‘Empower the Green Transition’.