NHAZCA Becomes an Innovative PMI

NHAZCA is proud to announce its registration in the special section of Innovative PMI (small and medium-enterprises) in the Italian Register of Enterprises, recognizing our commitment and active participation in the field of innovation.

To achieve this registration, we have met several key requirements, including:

  • Dimensional Requirement: we have demonstrated compliance with the size parameters for SME.
  • Qualified Personnel: over one-third of our employees hold a master’s degree, a percentage that, in our case, includes almost the entire staff.
  • Investment in R&D: we sustain expenditures on research, development, and innovation amounting to at least 3% of our revenue.

Innovative PMI (small and medium-enterprises), introduced in 2015 with Article 4 of DL 3/2015, represent a crucial core of companies that contribute to the Italian country’s innovative development. These companies constitute the second evolutionary stage of innovative startups, considered mature and ready for a phase of consolidated growth.

We are excited to continue contributing to technological progress and the economic development of the country with our innovative solutions. For more information about NHAZCA and our innovative projects, we invite you to visit our portal.

Find us on the dedicated portal to discover our profile: https://startup.registroimprese.it/isin/