Structural health monitoring of an iron bridge

Client: Municipality of Amantea
Period: August 2014
Location: Amantea (CS, Italy)
Technologies: Terrestrial Radar Interferometry, Terrestrial Laser Scanner, Topographic surveys


Quick assessment of the structural health of an iron bridge reproducing the ordinary operating conditions through ad-hoc experimental tests.


A fully remote static and dynamic monitoring was performed by a Terrestrial Radar Interferometric station quickly and temporary installed below the deck, thus allowing the simultaneous high resolution and high sampling frequency displacement detection on the whole structure. Topographic and Terrestrial Laser Scanner surveys were also performed in order to provide the actual geometry of the structure. All tests were performed in one only working day.


The main vibration modes of the bridge were identified and confirmed by all experimental tests performed. Calibration measurements by a velocimetric sensor in the centreline of the structure also confirmed the achieved results both in terms of vibration and of oscillation amplitude. Static tests performed in order to reproduce the maximum static load in ordinary conditions allowed to estimate the maximum vertical displacement of the structure, while by long term static monitoring the deformations induced by daily thermal variations have been assessed.

For further details:

Beninati L., Brunetti A., Caruso C., Mazzanti P., 2015, Structural Health Characterization of an Old Riveted Iron Bridge By Remote Sensing Techniques, SHMII Congress.