Geological Design

The correct analysis and interpretation of the site condition and soil-structure interactions cannot prescind from a precise geological-technical model, to be realized according to the design requirements and the context of the planned activities.

Thanks to the scientific staff with researchers and PhDs in geological sciences and technologically advanced solutions, NHAZCA is the ideal partner for geological designs even in more complex and highly hazardous situations.

Main projects

Continuous monitoring of the Pontecorvo (FR, Italy) landslide 
Dynamic evolution analysis of a paleo-landslide in northern Italy 
Rock fall susceptibility analysis of the “Crep de Savath” rock scarp (Northern Italy)
Geostructural characterization of the Sugano (TR, Italy) rock slope


Bozzano F., Cipriani I., Mazzanti P. & Prestininzi A, 2011. Displacement patterns of a landslide affected by human activities: insights from ground-based InSAR monitoring. Natural Hazards, DOI: 10.007/s11069-011-9840-6.